Chapter 1-The People my Mother Trusted

The People My Mother Trusted

I strongly believe my elderly, mothers sudden, suspicious death was orchestrated by 3 people … 1.) my step dad Glen Gallwitz 2.) my step brother Steve Gallwitz and 3.) step nephew Kevin Gallwitz. I also believe her death was executed by two female members of my step-family, Crystal Gallwitz, Kevin’s wife, and Nancy Gallwitz, Steve’s wife. My kind, generous mothers life was taken because of a prenuptial agreement and her retirement home. My step sister-in-law, Cathy Gallwitz, is also guilty, because she blocked my chances for a murder investigation, theft investigation, and restraining order, for criminal assault and threats upon me, by her son, Kevin. Cathy used her membership and power with the Sheriffs Dept., to cover up for her family’s evil, greedy acts. Please read my story and you decide.