Chapter 9-Meeting With The Good Ole Boys’

Meeting With The Good Ole Boys’

Since Barber and the prosecutor refused to investigate my mothers death, I hired a Private Investigator from Columbus, named Ed Johnston. I told him my story over the telephone. He called me back a while later and asked for a $1,000.00 retainer. I paid him with a credit card, sight unseen. Johnston set up a meeting with Sheriff Barber, Coroner Jeffery Bowers, a Sheriff Detective, himself his partner Gabe and me. I might as well have flushed that $1,000.00 down the toilet. I didn’t know at the time, but the P.I. I’d just hired was a former police officer for Knox County. Being naive, I didn’t understand what was going on and allowed Ed to take me right back into the Lion’s Den.

As I walked down the hall to the Sheriffs Conference Room, Sheriff Barber walked beside me and patronizingly, placed his hand on my shoulder and said, ” Your mother was old, let it go”. I looked at him and said, “Would you let it go if you thought someone murdered your mother?” He didn’t answer.

I had a lot of confidence that the P.I., I’d just hired would get me an investigation. I sat on one side of the long conference table with Ed and Gabe and on the other side were, Barber, Bowers, and a Sheriff Detective, I whispered to Ed that I was sure the Gallwitzes murdered my mother. He whispered back, ” What if they say you killed her?” I quickly said, “I’ll take a lie detector test, will they?” It shocked me that he would say such a hurtful, ridicules statement to me. I wondered where he’d heard that. I knew right then something was very wrong. He’s obviously talked to the Sheriff, before he ever met with me. He was a member of “the Good Ole Boys’ Club”. I felt like I was set up and robbed.

I then I confronted Coroner Bowers, who was sitting across from me and I asked him to perform an autopsy on my mother, since I couldn’t get an investigation and that would surely prove that her death was a homicide. He said the County didn’t have enough money, to perform an autopsy on her. I said, “I’ll pay for it myself”. Then Bowers said, “It would cost me $10,000.00 and you don’t have enough money”. How did he know about my personal finances? He was extremely snide and intimidating. Then Sheriff Barber said, “the meeting is over”.

I may be naive, but I’m not stupid. The outcome of that meeting just made me sick. Now I was determined to find out why. So, I did a little digging and that’s when I found out that my ex-step-sister-in law, Cathy Gallwitz, was a 30 yr. employee of the Sheriff’s Dept. and obviously a influential member of “The Good Ole Boys Club”. That explained everything.

Finally it all made sense. The Sheriff went against all ethics and moral obligations when he refused me an investigation because he was doing a favor for a fellow co-worker, Cathy Gallwitz and she was protecting her son, Kevin and his wife Crystal, who were involved in murdering my mother. And it wouldn’t be the first time she helped Kevin out of a jam, nor the last.

It wouldn’t be the first time Sheriff Barber went against ethics and cheated someone out of their right to Justice either. Just ask my friend Michelle, a rape victim and former employee of Knox County.

Kevin is hot tempered and arrogant, and grew up feeling superior. I have actual photo’s of items, he stole from my mothers estate, sitting right on his property. I made out a theft report, but as usual, the Sheriff did nothing. Every time little Kevy gets in trouble, mommy Cathy uses her influence and rescue’s him. Kevin was convicted of manslaughter in the mid 80’s and spent a few years behind bars. Cathy couldn’t get him out of that one, because there were too many witnesses. Kevin even shot twice at me on May 1,2010, I filed out a complaint, and tried to get a restraining order, but as usual he got away with it. He even threatened to kill my dog. Kevin’s a loose cannon and reminds me so much Joran Vandersloot.

Sheriff Barber refused to file my request for a restraining order. So I filed in civil court to get a civil protection order from Kevin. Judge Eyster refused me a protection order too and ridiculed me for being in his courtroom. A bunch of the Gallwitzes were in the courtroom and they all snickered and laughed when Eyster ruled in Kevin’s favor. That makes four criminal reports I filed and was denied every time. Plus Eyster ruled against me on several frivolous lawsuits, concocted by the rich influential Gallwitzes and their crooked, convicted felon, attorney. The Gallwitzes seem to be invincible in Knox County and now they are trying to illegally foreclose on my home of 33 yrs. in Licking County. The reason being is that I know they killed my mother and they are trying to shut me up. My life has been threatened twice and nothing is being done.

After Kevin won in court, over the protection order and all the Gallwitzes got a good laugh out of it, he then thumbed his nose at me, again, by putting up a large TARGET, in his yard, facing toward mom’s house right in my direction. Another warning for me to BEWARE,SHUT-UP and DISAPPEAR.

Another incident happened between 9:30 and 10:00 p.m., June the 24th. I was sitting on a neighbor’s patio, listening to fireworks, when my friend Karin, jumped up and moved toward me and said, “There’s a red dot on your forehead”. I didn’t think too much about it at the time. Then a few minutes later, she jumped up and said, “There it is again” and she came toward me to check it out. It disappeared, because she blocked it. There is a straight shot, from a back alley, next to a field, about 600 ft. from the area I was sitting. It’s very possible a Gallwitz sniper scoped me out with a high powered rifle laser, pointed directly at my head. The next day I started thinking about the incident and became concerned. I may very well have been a target, only to be saved by my friend who blocked the view. If my step siblings would kill an 85 yr. old lady for money, then they would certainly kill me to be able to keep it.

The Gallwitzes know, that I’m not backing down. I’ve accused them of murdering my mother and they are afraid I’m going to prove it. I even ran a $8,000.00 REWARD ad in the Mt Vernon News, for a week, asking for information leading to person’s responsible for Carrie Gallwitzes death. Kevin’s dad, Steve, my step brother, was in the National Guard and has access to high powered night scope rifles. I filled out an incident report with the Utica police.

It’s made me so afraid, I took out a life insurance policy, had two security lights installed, had a peek hole put in my door and put in security cameras. I don’t answer my door anymore, or the phone, unless I know ahead of time who it is and I’m afraid to walk my dogs, unless someone is with me.
TheGallwitzes have already tried to set up their defense, by making those horrible accusations about me murdering my own mother. They covered themselves, just in case I get an autopsy and it confirmed that moms’ death was a homicide. The Gallwitzes are very calculating and shrewd, they’d planned their strategy, murder, cover up and defense very well. They have a lot of money, a lot of influence and the Knox County, Justice System, on their side. I have only truth and determination on my side.

After I had time to assess the insults and intimidation that I experienced in the Sheriffs conference room. I called Johnston and asked him if he would at least interview Glen, Crystal and Nancy, after all he still had my money and didn’t do what I had paid him to do. That’s when Ed suggested I get a lawyer. At first I agreed, then after I thought about it awhile, I said, “Why do I have to hire a lawyer?” I never heard of such a thing, besides I couldn’t afford to pay a lawyer and him too.
Six months went by and Ed never interviewed anyone, so after about a year, I asked him for my money back and he refused, he also refused to give my file back which contained news clippings and a photo of my mother. I then called my lawyer Kristin Schultz and told her what Ed had done.

Kristin called Ed and he told her that he didn’t return retainer fees and it would cost me $150.00 to get my file and photo. I had to take the loss.
It’s been a nightmare, fighting my step family in court. I used to hear vicious stories about families fighting over money, after a death, but I NEVER THOUGHT IT WOULD HAPPEN TO ME.

Some people lose all sense of their values and morals when it comes to money.
I’ve exhausted all efforts with the legal system to get justice for my mother, so I’m doing my own research and investigating.