Chapter 8-Crooked Attorney’s

Crooked Attorney’s

The next thing I know the Gallwitzes filed a restraining order against me, barring me from my own mother’s house. Then shortly after that, they slapped me with frivolous lawsuits, burying me in legal fees. Their lawsuits were filed by two malpracticing, unethical attorney’s. One was Zeffery Zapor, whom has been disbarred and the other Alan Gustafson. I had just retired and was on Soc. Sec.and my step family knew it. I had to borrow money from a friend, plus run up a credit card debt, to defend myself in court. Also, my stepdad Glen, breached the prenuptial agreement and a Knox Co.Judge, Eyster, turned the other cheek and allowed judgement in his favor. The ‘FIX’ was on. Seems Glen’s money spoke loud and clear and his crooked attorney’s had ole’ Judge Eyster in their hip pocket. I have documentation to back up my claims. There was a lot of unfairness going on and I was getting tired of it.

I decided to fight back and take action against my stepdad and four members of my step family. That’s when the threats to my life started.

I called the Knox Co.Sheriff, David Barber and told him I think certain members of my step family may be responsible for my mother’s death and I’d like for him to investigate it. He told me to fill out a report and drop it off at the Dept. So, I wrote up a report and dropped it off. I called the Sheriff a few days later, asking when he was going to start the investigation. He rudely told me, I didn’t have a case. I wondered why, it seemed so obvious to me that there were questions that needed answers.

With all the red flags, surrounding my mother’s mysterious death, I thought it should at least be looked into. I didn’t like Barbers uncaring attitude, one bit. So I went to see the County Prosecutor, John Thatcher, I was so sure he would see through the mounting circumstances and help me with an investigation. But he refused to talk with me or hear my case. I called Thatcher several times and even went to his office two times, hoping he’d talk to me, but he kept dodging me. I then sent him an explicit email, begging him to just look at my report and he called me the next day and said, “If the Sheriff didn’t think I had a case,it was good enough for him”. Now I was really smelling a rat.