Chapter 5- Haunting Questions

Haunting Questions

1.) I later wondered, why did Nancy automatically show up and bring a monitor to the scene, no one called her?

2.) Had she and Crystal been there earlier, during the window of opportunity, somewhere between 6:00 and 10:00 and did they cause mom’s death? After all, Crystal lived right next door to mom and Nancy lived only a few minutes away.

3.) Did Glen hold mom down, while Nancy injected her with an overdose of a neuromuscular blocking agent such as Norcuron, which renders normal vital signs after injection?

4.) Did the narcissistic Crystal, grab mom by her small shoulders, after Nancy injected her and shake her so violently, it damaged her brain stem and caused her brain to swell and bleed?

5.) Will an autopsy prove mom was murdered?

6.) Why was Nancy so frantic when I was performing CPR? Was she afraid mom might regain her speech and expose her and Crystal?

7.) Nancy worked in healthcare and had access to drugs. Did she think she could get away with murder because mom was old?

8.) Did Steve talk Nancy into taking the drug from work and injecting mom with it?

9.) Did they believe they were covered, since they had a relative working at the Sheriff Dept.?

10.) Did Kevin talk Crystal into killing mom, in hopes to gain mom’s house?