Chapter 2- The Newlyweds…

130360148561224905My mother, Carrie and my step dad, Glen, were both approaching their 70’s, when they married on Oct. 24, 1989. My step dad was a widower with 8 grown children. My mother had 4 children.

I was happy for mom when she met Glen. They were both lonely and seemed to get along pretty well, at least for the first few months, prior to their wedding. But it soon became evident, that my step siblings did not share my happiness for the new couple. They were resentful and said hurtful things to my mother. Betty, my step-sister, said, “If I ever catch her wearing any of my dead mother’s clothes, I’ll rip them right off her back”.

Glen's FamilyCarrie's Family

130360150957533855Right after mom married Glen, she found out he had quite a bit of money in stocks and land. His greedy kids weren’t about to let anyone, move in and reap any of the benefits, of what they considered their inheritance. They treated my mother as if she were a conniving ‘gold digger’. Nothing could have been farther from the truth. My mother was totally unaware of Glen’s finances, until the day they were married and she readily signed a prenuptial agreement. Besides, mom had a much better retirement income than Glen, plus she owned two properties, a house in Martinsburg, Ohio, and an Apt. building, near the O.S.U.campus. She did not need or want Glen’s money. All she wanted from Glen was kindness and companionship. He wasn’t capable of either, Glen was a selfish old money hoarder.

When mom realized why her step kids were so resentful, she hoped signing the prenup would put an end to their skepticism and ease their worried minds, but it didn’t. Greed is a dominate trait in some of my step siblings, passed down through their dad. It’s similar to a drug craving and some of my step siblings were so hooked and fearful they might lose their stash (inheritance) so they took a wild chance and cheated, murdered, stole and lied to satisfy their addiction. All at the expense of my sweet mother and all of us who loved her.

130360152154906755The first month they were married, Glen introduced mom to friends and neighbors, as his ‘new housekeeper’, instead of his ‘new wife’, which really hurt mom’s feelings. Little did she know, that being Glen’s housekeeper was going to be her job for the rest of her life and that the ‘Gallwitz Greed’ would ultimately cost her her life.

On the outside, looking in, Glen appeared to be an unassuming, easy going, harmless old farmer. But first impressions can be deceiving. It wasn’t long before his ‘dark side’ started to surface. Inside that quiet old man, lurked a heartless, penny pinching old tyrant. He had an insatiable lust for money, not to spend and enjoy, just to hoard and brag about. He was a filthy old man that seldom bathed or changed clothes. However, he demanded respect through his piles of money. No one crossed Big Daddy Glen. He was the gatekeeper and all his kids cowered to him.

130360150958002800Glen’s chronic obsession for money became apparent, the first week he and mom were married. He actually charged mom rent, to live in his run down old farm house, he even made her buy her own groceries. Glen was an eccentric, slothy man of very few words and ruled in silence through ‘selective hearing’. One never knew what he was thinking or plotting. He took only two showers in nine years and would wear his clothes for three months at a time, without changing, he even slept in them. He was a very dirty odd man. Ed Gein type of character.

130360150957690170Within the first few months of marriage, mom knew she’d made a BIG MISTAKE. She’d already given her house up and had no place to go. I asked her to come live with me, but I still had three teenagers at home and was short on space, she politely refused and said she was going to try and make the best of her marriage. I really think mom thought she could change Glen’s selfish ways and make him into a nicer person. Again, all she wanted out of the relationship, was kindness and companionship. She got neither.

Glen was cold hearted, and had an overwhelming love for money. He put money way above people, even his own flesh and blood. He proved it, when his youngest son, Gary, was diagnosed with a tumor and ended up dying a slow, miserable death, because Glen was too tight to pay for a 2nd opinion. Gary left a wife and two year daughter behind. The sad thing about it is, Glen had several hundred thousand dollars in the bank, but his accumulation for money meant more to him than his own son’s life.
When mom married Glen, he was on medication, that rendered him impotent. He often complained about losing his manhood. Mom and I were very close, she confided, a lot of personal things, to me. She told me Glen would often attempt the ‘horizontal tango’, but always ended in failure. On one occasion, he managed to consummate the act and he ended up having a massive heart attack and had to be rushed to the hospital. After he was released from the hospital, the first thing he did when he got home, was blame mom for his heart attack and ask her to move out of his bedroom. It hurt mom that he blamed her, but she was happy not to sleep with him anymore.

I helped mom move her things upstairs, into a cold drafty old bedroom. I could see the disappointment on her face, because her marriage was nothing like she expected. The room was full of spider webs and dust. The furniture was old and depressing. The mattress on the bed was the old coil spring type and completely worn out. I asked her to move in with me again, but she refused. She quoted an old saying from her mother, “I’ve made my bed, I’ll have to lay in it.”

Together, mom and I and fixed up the bedroom until it was nice and livable. We put in a new mattress and added a TV and stereo. Mom ordered all new windows for the whole house and installed an upstairs bathroom. By the time we sewed curtains for the new windows and mom crocheted doilies for the worn out furniture, the place looked much better. It cost mom $14,000 for the improvements, Glen refused to give her a penny for all the work she’d done. He said it was her idea, he didn’t ask her to do it.

Mom had no one to talk to, Glen just sat and watched TV all day and hardly spoke to her. He was a terrible husband and companion and showed no affection to her, not even a thank you for all the nice things she did for him. He was quite content with the way things were.
Now that mom was living in his house, he had more income and could invest more in bank CD’S, not to mention he had a free housekeeper and cook, plus someone to wait on him hand and foot. The more mom told me, the more I observed him and I came to the conclusion that, Glen had absolutely no empathy or compassion. He was a lazy, selfish old man.

For example, his cows got outside the fence one day and he asked mom to help him round them up, just as she walked into the pasture, she twisted her ankle, fell and hurt her shoulder and couldn’t get up. She begged Glen to help her up, he just looked at her, walked away, got his cows in, then 45 mins. later, he went back and helped her into the house.

130360152154437810Another example, is when I gave mom two black lab puppies for her 78th birthday and Glen wouldn’t let them eat dog food, he said they need to learn to hunt for their food. Whenever he’d see a dead animal on the road, like a groundhog, possum or raccoon, he’d drag it in the yard, cut its stomach open and he’d force the puppies heads in the open belly and they were so hungry, they’d eat the intestines. Mom and I would sneak food to them after that. Another time he choked her little Chihuahua because it wouldn’t come to him on command. I could tell you more horror stories about his cruelty to animals.

It had been 14 years since Glen’s heart attack and mom moved out of his bedroom. One afternoon, while mom was taking a nap, Glen just appeared beside her bed, standing over her with his pants unzipped, exposing himself. Smelling his presence, mom woke up and was startled. Glen was a big man, 240 Lbs., my mother was petite, 4′ 11″ and weighed a little over 100 Lbs. He forcibly attempted intercourse with her, before she could get completely awake.

She said he struggled for several minutes trying to maintain an erection, so she politely said, “let’s just forget it” and she started to get up. It upset him because he was determined to finish the act, then he shoved her back down and placed his heavy arm across her throat, she couldn’t move and he tried for a couple more minutes to hand force his partially erect member inside her. Mom said she was choking and gagging, but he paid no attention to her. He finally gave up. Mom called me right after the incident and I could hardly understand her because she was coughing and having trouble breathing. I asked her again, to come live with me, but she didn’t want to leave her lovely new retirement home and Glen wasn’t about to leave either. So she stayed and told some of Glen’s kids that he had tried to rape her and he never attempted sex with her again.

She didn’t have a lock on her bedroom door so I went to Walmart and I bought her a lockset, but it was never installed. Mom was hoping my brother Pat would install it in for her, but he never found the time. The lock sat on a chair, outside her bedroom door, right up to the day Nancy and Crystal killed her. I retrieved the lockset after her death and hated myself for not seeing into the future and getting her away from my step dad and step siblings. Who would have guessed those two church going women had the potential to murder a sweet kind soul like my mother? Money ( bread) is the root of all evil.