Chapter 11-Red Flags, Puzzle Pieces and Connected Dots

Red Flags, Puzzle Pieces and Connected Dots

1.) Three months be/ore mom’s suspicious death, Glen had just gotten out 0/ the hospital, with a near death experience. His kids got concerned and started to rally around. One day I asked my step brother Wayne, Glen’s executor, for a copy of Mom and Glen’s Prenup. We were both standing in mom’s living room, only a few feet apart, but he wouldn’t answer me, so I asked Glen for a copy, he too ignored me. Then I called the attorney, that drew up the prenup, Alan Gustafson, he refused to give me a copy, saying I’d have to go through Glen. I asked Glen for the I’d time and he purposely ignored me again. For some reason they didn’t want to give me a copy of the prenup. I later found out why.

2.) A couple weeks before moms’ murder, someone, had been tampering with her medications. Every Sunday I I carefully put moms’ pills in a weekly A.M. & P.M. pillbox, but her medications kept getting mixed up. I couldn’t understand why, because I was so careful when I dispensed them. She’d have 3 blood thinners in her pill box one day, I when she was only suppose to have one. I would fix them. Then her pillbox would show up with 4 blood thinners, the next day, instead of one. I would fix them again. I found this puzzling enough to mention it to my friend Karin Moone, but totally unaware that my step family could possibly be evil enough to tamper with her meds. It happened several times the week just before she Died of bleeding and swelling of her brain.

Mom had macular degeneration which causes partial blindness, she couldn’t distinguish which pills she was taking, but she counted them and knew that there should be four in the morning and two at night. I even asked mom if she’d dropped her pills and she said, no each time. Before I took over the job, Glen filled her pillbox I but he’d get her pills mixed up and caused mom to go to the hospital a few times. I excused Glen’s blunders as mistakes, giving him the benefit of the doubt because he was old. Mom died because of acute hemorrhage in her brain stem and pons.

3.) Labor Day weekend, I went out to mom’s house to pick up some of her things. My suspicions of murder, were starting to mount. The first thing I did was go to her bedroom and look for her pillbox, I was going to have it fingerprinted, to see who had been tampering with her meds., but her pillbox was missing. I went into the living room and asked Fran, if she’d seen mom’s pillbox? She said she, ” no”. I demanded to know what happened to it. Fran said, ”Ask Glen “. Glen said it was in the kitchen. I said it is not, it hasn’t been in there for two years, I kept it in her bedroom. There were three empty pillbox containers in the kitchen, but none of them were mom’s. Then I raised my voice and said I want to know where mom’s pillbox went.

With that, Fran called Nancy and Nancy told Fran that she’d taken the pillbox home and wiped it down. I said, there’s something “Rotten in Denmark”, then Fran handed me the phone and I asked Nancy, where’s mom’s pillbox? and she told me, that she’d taken it home, threw away the pills and wiped it down. Nancy said that’s what you’re supposed to do when somebody dies. I said you had no business taking my mother’s pills, that’s a family duty and why did you wipe down the box? Nancy responded, “I thought Glen might want to use it for his medications”. I said “that’s bullsh*t”, I bought Glen his own pill boxes, there are three of them in the kitchen, that aren’t being used, besides, Glen won’t use pillboxes, he takes his med’s out of the plastic pharmaceutical containers. Nancy was lying through her teeth, she wiped off “fingerprints” from the person who’d been tampering with mom’s pills. If she were being such a good samaritan by destroying mom’s meds, like she said, then why did she take only the pillbox and leave the rest of mom’s pill’s in their pharmaceutical containers? The containers were right beside her pillbox. Oops, Nancy, you slipped up, so your good samaritan story doesn’t hold water.

4.) As my suspicions grew, I now wanted an investigation. I wrote out a report and took it to the Knox County Sheriff, David Barber. I asked him if he would interview Glen, Crystal and Nancy and get their perspectives, on what took place the night mom lay dying, since they were there. Guilty people lie and I wanted the three of them interviewed and documented, so if they changed their stories, down the road, I’d have them on record. Barber refused, said I didn’t have a case.

5.) Mom’s death certificate says she died of natural causes, but there was no coroner’s report or autopsy. So, whoever said her death was natural, certainly didn’t read the medical reports. Natural Death VS. ER Dr.’s at Knox Comm. Hosp. and Neurological Dr.’s at Riverside Med. Hosp. who all claimed mom died of head trauma, swelling and bleeding of her brain, brain stem and pons. I have both hospitals Medical Reports.

6.) Then there was the unplugged telephone by mom’s bed, the night she lay dying, her bedroom phone had never been unplugged once in the whole 9 years she lived there.

7.) The bloody mark on Glen’S forehead, which wasn’t there earlier, when we played Euchre. It had to have happened during the 4 hrs. period while I was gone.

8.) The fact that the Gallwitzes and their attorney, Alan Gustafson, withheld the prenup from our attorneys, for months after mom died.

9.) Pill tampering and missing pillbox evidence, removed by Nancy.

10.) Mom’s plans to change her Will and divorce Glen the very day she died.

11.) Sheriff Barber and Cathy Gallwitz,

  • a.)blocking the murder investigation
  • b.)blocking the theft report (with pictures of the stolen property in her son, Kevins yard]
  • c.) blocking my request for a criminal protection order from her son, after he, Kevin, took two shots at me on May 11, 2010.

12.) Cathy Gallwitz, the ex-wife of Steve Gallwitz and mother of Kevin was a 30 yr. employee of the Knox Co.Sheriff’s Dept. and used her friendship with Barber to cover up her family’s evil acts.

13.) Steve Gallwitz would have benefited greatly I from my mother’s death.

14.) Glen put my mother’s new retirement home in Kevin and Crystals name back in 1998 and tried to slip one over on my mother. They got caught two years later and claimed it was a mistake.

15.) I thought this was plenty of information for Sheriff Barber to at least talk with my step family. But since Cathy worked for the Sheriff and it was her son and daughter in law, on the line, I finally realized why I was getting the shaft, Sheriff Barber had a ‘Good Ole Boys Club’ going and this is a classic example, that they take care of their own.

16.) Prosecutor Thatcher, blocked my effort’s 5 times to find justice for my mother and his excuse was, I’ll have to go along with whatever the sheriff says. He is another member of the “Good Ole Boy’s Club’.

17.) A Private Investigator, Ed Johnston, from Cols., who was a former police officer in Knox Co. and whom I paid $1,000.00 to run a simple investigation, did absolutely nothing. Ed was a member of the ‘Good Ole Boy’s Club’ too.

18.) Even,Judge Eyster, who certainly should have known better than join “the Club”, refused me the protection I needed from my hot headed, arrogant step nephew, who shot at me twice.

19.) Sheriff Barber wouldn’t file criminal charges against Kevin, because he said Kevin was my family, (Ex-Step-Nephew?) Barber said it was a Civil Matter. So,I tried to file in City Prosecutor, Bill Smith’s court and he said my case didn’t belong in his court. I had no place to file and I’m a senior citizen and my life had been threatened. I knew Barber had absolutely no respect for my elderly mother, so I went ahead and filed in Civil Court and Judge Ego Eyster was on the bench. Eyster asked me if Kevin and I ever lived together or if Kevin ever stalked me, I said, “no”. Eyster said I was in the wrong court and my request for a restraining order was denied. Was it a possible loophole in the Justice System or had I been duped by the wealthy influential Gallwitzes and the Knox County ‘Good Ole Boys Club”?

20.) Plus, the fact that the 3 page form I’d hand written in the ER room, at Knox Comm. Hospital, while my mother lay dying, was revised, altered and type written. I still wonder who removed my original history of present illness and replaced it with the untrue condensed version. I suspect Coroner Bower’s or Judge Eyster’s wife, Kathrine Eyster, she works for a foundation at the hospital.

As I continued to dig for answers, I found out that the Knox County Coroner, Jeffrey Bowers, had been elected out of office and only had a couple months left to serve on his term, when he refused me an autopsy. Maybe he was a member of the Sheriffs and Cathy’s ‘Good Ole Boy’s Club’, because there has never been an official Coroner’s report. I went 8 places looking for it and no one had ever seen it. I think there’s a snake in the woodpile.
Add all those facts up, are they all coincidental?