Chapter 10- The Cover Up

The Cover Up

After being victimized by Sheriff Barber, Cathy Gallwitz, Coroner Bowers, Prosecutor Thatcher, Private Investigator Ed Johnston, Kevin Gallwitz, attorney Jeffery Zapor and Judge Eyster, I was determined to find Justice for my beloved mother, my own way. My sister Anna and I went to Riverside Methodist Hospital and retrieved mom’s medical records. Anna was an employee of Riverside at the time and quite savvy on medical terms. We sat on her picnic table in her yard and deciphered the doctors’ reports concerning mom’s cause of death. It seemed impossible to us that her death was ‘natural’ as stated on her death certificate. What is natural about a severed brain stem?

Another strange fact, the three page statement that I filled out in the waiting room, concerning the history of present illness, was attached to the Knox Community Hospital medical records, but it was torn off and there was another untrue history of present illness attached. I don’t know who, but someone altered my original statement and falsified my words and added a bald face lie. It said that mom complained of a headache, while we were playing cards, that was absolutely not true. Plus the statement was condensed and typed and mine was three pages hand written.

With so much information piling up, I’ve now had enough time to assemble the red flags, connect the dot’s and place pieces of the puzzle together. I no longer suspected they murdered my mother, I’m now convinced they murdered her. They had both motive and opportunity. Previous clues, that I ignored are now valuable pieces of information.