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This story is told through my deceased mother and me. What I observed, heard, attempted and experienced, for the sad 18 yrs. my mother was married to my wealthy, greedy step dad and several years after her suspicious death.
My mother is not here to speak for herself. I believe she was murdered, by those who were supposed to protect her. I now, find it my duty to speak for her. I’m reaching out to every source that I possibly can to try and find answers to her sudden death.
Since I’ve received no help from the so called Justice System of Knox County, Ohio. I’ve had to do my own research and run my own investigation to find answers.
I’ve learned a lot about heartless fake people, the lack of communication, assumption, and the evil greediness for material things over life.
I’ve also experienced deceit, corruption, and manipulation.
I don’t see the beauty in life as I did before the premeditated death of my mother. I only see what money and narcissism has done to people, that I once admired. I’ve lost faith in our Justice System and I now realize how unimportant honesty is in this world. I also realize how unimportant Senior Citizens are in this world. But I’ll not give up searching for truth and justice in the cause of my dear mother’s death.
Writing my mother’s story, has given me the energy to start healing and hopefully alert others to the abuse and insignificants of the elderly and expose a corrupt Justice System.